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party rolling out a new digital strategy to close the technological gap that many insiders believe the democrats have commanded very well. carl cameron joins us live from washington. they have been working on this plan for three months. what have they decided is their selfdiagnosis. >> reporter: the digital part of is is a small part. they are going to go to open platform and more standardized information so everyone can see who they want to talk to. they've been interviewing 5,000 people across the people. it was headed up by a panel of real top republican leaders, experts, lit cal pros and they traveled all over the country to find out what aeuld the g.o.p. and how come they got beaten so badly. they determined that voters are turned off and view them as being out of touch. this is reince priebus. >> focus groups described our party as narrow minded, out of touch and "stuffy old men." the perception that we are the party of the rich unfortunately continues to grow and that's frustrating. >> reporter: they say the problem is not what they are saying, it's not the policies or princ
that the man was working on deeply sensitive image technology. doug mckelway is tracking the story live from washington. what did they find here, doug? what's up? >> reporter: this guy is a chinese national workinging under contract at nasa national institutes of aerospace on deeply sensitive imaging technology. it has potentially valuable military applications. his case was brought to the tanks of authorities by a nasa whistle-blower. he was arrested by fbi agents and dulles airport charged with violating the arms ex-trort control act as he awaited a one-way flight to china. tsa officials initially detained him and asked if he was caring electronic devices. he told them he had a cell phone, memory stick and external hard drive and a new computer. however during the search other media items were located that chang did not reveal. an additional laptop, old hard drive and a sim card. congressman frank wolf fears his case may be the tip of the iceberg. >> i have seen documents other nasa contractors similarly employees chinese nationalists. this begs a question how many chinese nationalists cur
forces and technologies greens oppose. >> process of fracking natural gas creates a significant amount of greenhouse gas emissions. >> reporter: so they oppose high i can fracturing because the more natural gas, lower the price. longer it would take before wind and solar replace fossil fuels and are cost competitive. back to you. heather: william la jeunesse, live for us, thank you. bill: the spring season pull ad houdini. where did it go? a a major snow storm is battling the midwest. that is look at white stuff throughout the country. tough going out there. it was supposed to be spring right? heather: old man winter has not given up. >> all i heard was we would have snow. i didn't hear how much we were getting. this is quite a lot. >> is this frustrating. this is march or spring. >> every year seems like it is like this. so just have to relax. bill: here we go on the 25th of march. snow records have been shattered, yet another spring storm burying parts of the country and taking its frozen march further to the east. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." what we left you
technology to battle al qaeda threats in yemen and pakistan and other countries. there has been pressure from the administration to provide more transparency. martha? martha: speaking of transparency there has been an increasing concern about the possibility of drones over u.s. soil as well. any reaction or any change as a result of this move to that? >> well, absolutely, really in the last 24 hours privacy advocates say, excuse me, laws need to be in place to protect american civilians from these drones during a senate judiciary committee hearing. legal experts say these devices which can be as small as backpack and light as few pounds are becoming increasingly cheaper and more efficient than manned hellp could terse and planes already in use. congress is working with the faa to allow more than 7,000 drones in the u.s. skies in the next five years or so. senator dick durbin spoke at hearing yesterday and he reiterated really the importance of privacy for citizens. >> i believe most of us believe it's very important right that we cherish and want to protect and that is what this conversation
came on. isn't technology supposed to make life easier? at chase we're pioneering innovations that make banking simple. deposit a check with a photo. pay someone with an email. and bank seamlessly with our award-winning mobile app. take a step forward... and chase what matters. heather: welcome back. you have to hear about this police arresting a frenchman for impersonating a pilot and sweet talking his way into a cockpit. it all happened at the airport in philadelphia on wednesday. cops say the man, he had a ticket for coach but he apparently got upset when he wasn't upgraded to first class. apparently even claiming to hate americans. and that's when he made his move. we're told that he looked the part. even had fake credentials and phony flight plans. >> he was wearing an air france shirt. he carried an air france bag. and he had some identification that looked like he was a crewmember from air france. heather: but he got into the cockpit. he was sitting there. well air france the impersonator's i.d. badge was a pretty bad forgery. bill: sat there? heather: sat there. they said, hey,
this way-there's no way. oh, the lights came on. isn't technology supposed to make life easier? at chase we're pioneering innovations that make banking simple. deposit a check with a photo. pay someone with an email. and bank seamlessly with our award-winning mobile app. take a step forward... and chase what matters. martha: and unwanted gas in kansas city. an angry protester charges the stage. watch what happens next. >> those early efforts resulted in $5 billion in investments. [bleep] [bleep] [bleep] >> [inaudible] >> well, that was unfortunate. martha: that was unfortunate. bill: the pg version of our program will be online. we will take that beat out. [laughter] bill: another troubling story. the obama administration is being compared to a investment green energy plot. solo power has fallen short of its goals laying off workers. dan springer is ominous. are they going down the same road as some of these other firms like solyndra? >> unfortunately, it doesn't look good for solo power. their money is certainly at risk. we have talked about this company. they begin to produce solo power s
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6